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The CEA Joint Powers Authority board confirmed Barbara Boswell with Bayshore Consulting Group to serve as interim CEO for Fiscal Year 2019-20. Ms. Boswell leads day-to-day operations and management of the JPA and its CCE program. 

Barbara Boswell, Interim CEO

Clean Energy Alliance Joint Powers Authority 

Sheila Cobian, Secretary

Board of Directors



Mayor Ellie Haviland, City of Del Mar | ehaviland​

Council Member Dwight Worden, alternate |

Vice Chair

Council Member Kristi Becker, City of Solana Beach |

Council Member Judy Hegenauer, alternate | 

Council Member Cori Schumacher, City of Carlsbad |

Mayor Matt Hall, alternate |

Member city staff contacts

Clem Brown, Environmental Sustainability & Special Projects Manager

City of Del Mar

858-375-9524 | 


Jason Haber, Intergovernmental Affairs Director

City of Carlsbad

760-434-2958 |

Dan King, Assistant City Manager

City of Solana Beach

858-720-2477 |

Written comments

To submit written comments to the Board, please contact Written materials related to the agenda that are received by 5 p.m. on the day before the meeting will be distributed to the Board in advance of the meeting and posted on the Authority webpage. To review these materials during the meeting, please see the secretary.

RFQ Interest List

If you would like to receive updates on future RFQs from the Clean Energy Alliance, please visit the RFQ webpage. 

City of Carlsbad  |  City of Del Mar  |  City of Solana Beach

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